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July 26, 2022 3 min read

Are you getting ready for your next big camping trip? Before you finish packing your gear for your upcoming adventure, check out our camping tips every girl should know to make the most of their journey to the wilderness.

Camping Tips from the Team at Roman Trail

We love getting out and enjoying the wilderness. Here are a few of our favorite tips.

Pick a Braid Over a Bun

Yes, we love how easy it is to throw our hair up in a top knot, but it can become pretty tangled after a few days outdoors. So instead of a bun, go for a braid since it keeps your hair out of your face and is easier to manage. Also, brush your hair in the morning and before bed to avoid tangles.

Don’t Use River Rocks for a Campfire Ring

River rocks absorb moisture making them especially dangerous to use in a campfire ring. For instance, when river rocks are heated to the temperature of a regular campfire, they have the potential to explode.

Stay Fresh with Towelettes

I love camping but do not love feeling gross after a few days in the woods. Bring a pack of cleansing towelettes to keep you feeling fresh.

Use Dry Shampoo

If you do not like sporting a greasy look, dry shampoo is an easy way to freshen up your hair. The bottles are small, and it doesn’t take much product to fix the issue.

Bug Off Mosquitos

Mosquitos are a common annoyance in the outdoors, but they will bug off with this slick trick. The sage you have been growing in your herb garden will come in handy on your next camping trick. Since the smell of sage repels Mosquitos, add a bundle to your campfire for an enjoyable evening.

Easy & Effective Tick Repellent

Ticks bite, literally! Help keep yourself tick-free with this easy homemade remedy. Combine two parts of water and one part of Tea Tree Oil in a spray bottle for a quick and easy tick repellent. Make sure that you spray your footwear in addition to your pants.

Merino Wool is Ideal for Any Adventure

Since Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, it does not need to be washed until after 3-4 uses, making it ideal for longer camping trips. In addition, since this fabric helps with temperature regulation, a Merino wool base layer can be used year-round. Merino wool base layers and underwear are perfect for camping. They are lightweight and easy to roll into your pack.

Instant Night Light

Have you ever wasted time rummaging through your entire tent looking for where your flashlight rolled off? Take the lighting of your tent to a whole new level with the help of a milk jug. To illuminate your tent, use your headlamp and an empty milk jug for a quick lantern.

Stay Warm ALL Night

If you suffer from cold feet like me, this next camping secret is for you. First, fill your Nalgene with hot water and pop it into the bottom of your sleeping bag. Then, wait five to ten minutes for your sleeping bag to warm up to help you sleep soundly.

Sleep with Your Clothes in Your Sleeping Bag

We all know the feeling of putting on that cold sports bra while camping. Place your sports bra or any other clothes you will wear the following day in your sleeping bag so they are toasty in the morning.

Keep Those Hotel Shower Caps

I spent a reasonable amount of time trying to sweep all the dirt out of my tent before storing it again after a great weekend camping. That was until I learned a little trick with hotel shower caps. Place the soles of your shoes in the shower cap to trap dirt and keep your tent much cleaner.

Moisturize Before Bed

The wilderness can be tough on your skin. Apply a little moisturizer before catching some ZZZs so it can help hydrate your skin while you sleep. Also, don’t forget to use chapstick at night and throughout the day.

The Bottom Line

Although we know you are a girl who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty while exploring the outdoors, we hope our tips will make your next trip more enjoyable.


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