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April 04, 2022 4 min read

As an avid golfer that lives in a location in the U.S. where it snows, I try to extend my season as long as I can in late Fall, and I am eager to go out and swing the first chance I get after the range opens in early Spring. But to be honest, playing in early Spring or late Fall can be downright cold, especially if you are playing in a tournament that might take five hours to complete. One of my secrets to staying warm is a quality women’s golf base layer, among a few of my other favorite items. Read on to find out which women’s golf layer is best and what other things will make your next outing in cold weather more enjoyable.

What is a Base Layer?

A base layer is an article of clothing made to fit snuggly to help regulate your body temperature by wicking away moisture to keep you dry. Working as a second skin, a base layer is the first article of clothing that you put on and directly contact your skin.

What is the Best Women’s Golf Base Layer?

A base layer is the perfect long sleeve top to go under your collared shirt when the temperatures dip for your round. My favorite type of women’s golf base layer shirt is made from Merino Woolfor a few reasons. First, I love that this type of wool is exceptionally soft compared to other natural fabrics. Since it is smooth, you do not have the irritation that occurs with rougher materials, especially if you end up swinging a few more times than your regular rounds. Merino wool also helps to wick away moisture which is imperative if you play in the cold for four to five hours during a tournament. If your clothes are wet, you risk the potential for chafing in addition to just feeling miserable. Finally, due to Merino wool’s natural bent fiber structure, moisture and vapor are dispersed to the outside of the garment, helping to keep you dry and warm.

Select a base layer that isn’t too tight and shouldn’t restrict your movement, especially important if you are swinging a golf club. I prefer Roman Trail’s Merino Wool Women’s Long Sleeve base layer. This top helps to keep me warm and dry throughout my chillier rounds. If only it could take a few more strokes off my golf game, it would be perfect.

Merino Wool Benefits

  • Antimicrobial
  • Helps to Regulate Body Temperature
  • Extremely Soft
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Natural Fiber

Other Must-Have Cold Weather Golf Items

Protection from the Elements


A mid-layer that goes over your base layer and a collared shirt will help to keep you warm. Examples of golfing mid-layers include fitted sweatshirts or jackets. These items help to keep you warm but still allow movement.


Golfing outer layers help to shield you from wind, rain, or even the potential light snow shower. Windbreakers and rain suits are golf apparel that should be with you during every round in the colder months. These outer layers work as a barrier against moisture to keep your other layers dry and block the wind. In addition, they are lightweight and can easily be stored in your golf bag.

Thermal Grip Golf Gloves

When I talk about golf gloves, I am not just about the ones you wear on your non-dominant hand, but gloves that will keep your hands warm while still allowing you to grip your clubs easily. Thermal grip golf gloves help block wind, shield rain, and keep your hands warm.

Beanie or Ear Warmer

A beanie or ear warmer can easily fit in your bag and be quickly accessed to keep your ears warm during a cold round.


Lips can quickly become chapped during a round, whether from nerves or the elements. Just make sure that the lip balm is one you do not need to use your finger to apply, as that can make your grip on your club slippery.


Having cold hands makes it harder to grip your club. Keeping hand warmers in your pocket to warm your hands between your shots can improve your game and make the round more tolerable.

 *Tip: After putting out, put your golf ball in your pocket next to your hand warmer. It will give you more distance off the tee on the next hole as warmer golf balls fly farther and come off the clubface with more velocity.


Golf Base Layers FAQ

What is the best base layer for cold weather?

A Merino wool base layer is best for cold weather to help regulate body temperature and keep you warm.

What should I wear to golf in cold weather?

Start with a Merino wool base layer, followed by a warmer mid-layer, and rounded out with an outer layer that will help to shield you from wind and rain.

How do golfers keep warm in the winter?

Golfers keep warm in the winter by being prepared. Investing in a Merino base layer is the first step to staying warm. In addition to using the other items listed in this article to keep you warm, walking instead of riding will help, or using a golf cart enclosure if riding.

What is the warmest base layer you can buy?

A base layer aims to wick away moisture and keep you dry. Your mid-layer is the insulating layer that helps to keep you warm. A lightweight or midweight base layer will be sufficient with the right mid-layer.

The Bottom Line

If you plan on playing golf in late Fall or early Spring, then a women’s Merino wool base layer is perfect for playing golf in the colder temperatures. It will help to keep you warm and playing comfortably for longer.



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