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April 28, 2022 3 min read

Often when people think of wool, they envision only wearing it when it is cold outside. However, Merino wool is a versatile fabric you can wear during every season, including the summer. This article will tell you everything you need to know about why Merino wool is the perfect fiber for summer.

What is Merino Wool

Merino wool is a natural fiber made from the coat of Merino Sheep. This versatile fiber is often used to make base layers, socks, sweaters, and blankets. Want to learn more about Merino wool? Check out our Merino Wool 101 article.

Why You Should Be Using Merino Wool This Summer

Merino wool is the ideal material for all of your summer adventures. Whether your summer plans include camping, hiking, or backpacking, this fiber is a must to keep you comfortable while doing what you love. Check out our four reasons below why you should be using Merino wool this summer.


Since Merino wool fibers have a slender profile, this allows the garments to be extremely lightweight. Although clothing options, especially Merino wool base layers, come in various weights, we recommend wearing light or ultralight base layers in the summer.


If you are exploring in the summer, the temperatures can get a little warm. The potential for overheating increases, thus making it crucial that the clothes you are wearing are breathable. One of the best features of Merino is how breathable this natural fiber is. In addition, due to the curved Merino fibers, this type of fabric possesses fantastic moisture-wicking properties. These fibers remove moisture from the skin and disperse the heat to the outside of the garment, helping to keep you dry and cool.


This type of wool is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people with allergies. The softness of the Merino fibers also decreases irritation for those that suffer from more sensitive skin.


Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, unlike synthetic materials that can instantly start to smell during a workout. For example, this natural fiber locks bacteria inside the strands, limiting additional bacteria growth. As a result, you can easily get a few wears out of each garment before washing them, making them ideal for more extended hiking, camping, and backpacking trips.

How To Wash And Care For Merino Wool

We love Merino wool because it resists dirt and stains and is machine washable. Also, washing Merino wool is easy. First, you will need to use a gentle soap. For example, we recommend a wool-specific detergent as it will not damage the garment like other detergents. Next, you will want to rinse your Merino well in warm or cool water to avoid shrinkage. Then, always air dry any of your Merino garments. Finally, if you wash Merino wool after a few times you wear it instead of after each use, it should last for years.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Merino wool is an excellent fiber for summer because it keeps you cool and dry, and it’s also a natural odor fighter.


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